Lyon from Above: walking up and down the hills of the capital of Gaul

Last summer I started a new habit: I wanted to lose weight, but going to the gym bores me to death, so I decided to do something different. I thought: « I’m lucky enough to have a green hill just beside my home, let’s take advantage of it! »

Lyon landscape
The first photo posted on Tumblr this morning.

So, patiently and without ever giving up, I started climbing up that hill – the Fourvière Hill, in Lyon historical city centre – every morning just right after waking up. Once on the top, every day I would enjoy the marvellous view of the city, and take a photo of it with my smartphone. Every. Single. Day.

I would then rest a little bit, post that photo on my personal Instagram page, and go back home… every day picking a different route. Doing that, I discovered amazing things that I had never seen before in 16 years I have been working in this city, and 12 years since I moved just at the foot of the hill.

The imposing "Eiffel Tower" (sort of) which according to the Lyonnese people is "taller" than the one in Paris, because it stands on top of the hill!
The imposing « Eiffel Tower » (sort of) which according to the Lyonnese people is « taller » than the one in Paris, because it stands on top of the hill!

And that’s how I decided the two hills of Lyon deserved some special attention, especially for international visitors – or expats – who would like to know more about them.

Today a new Tumblr blog opens up, Lyon from Above: in it you will find every day photos from or of one of the two hills, starting from the ones I took last summer. For some time, in the morning you will be greeted by a picture of the amazing Lyon landscape, and then, during the day, you will see one or more other photos, following various subjects: the Cathedral, archeology, events… And by the way, talking of events, the date I chose to start the project is not accidental.

Starting from tomorrow, Lyon will host its annual Festival of Lights, an international event that attracts up to 4 million people from all over the world. Phaeluna will be there, especially « from above »: you will be able to see pictures and videos of the event on Instagram, Facebook and, of course, Tumblr.

Let's be social! #peaceandlove
Let’s be social! #peaceandlove

And since social media are… well, social, you can also take part in this adventure: post on your Instagram or Tumblr page photos tagged #LyonFromAbove, and if I like them (for any number of reasons, they don’t even have to be technically perfect, mine certainly are not), I will repost them (obviously with your name, copyright is sacred). And if you feel like doing the same with my pictures, please be my guest!

I hope you will enjoy this new project. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

Des soucis techniques avec les emails


Bonjour. Depuis quelques jours les emails du nom de domaine ne fonctionnent pas à cause d’un processus de migration qui ne s’est pas passé comme il aurait dû. Je cherche à résoudre le problème, entre temps pour envoyer vos mails vous pouvez soit utiliser l’adresse soit me contacter à travers la page Facebook de Phaeluna.

Comme on dit dans ces cas-là, nous nous excusons de la gêne occasionné, d’ailleurs je suis pas mal gênée aussi… J’espère que le problème se résoudra vite.

Je vous souhaite une excellente journée, avec ou sans emails 🙂